30 May 2015

THE CYPRUS ROUTE for British Citizens

British Citizens
Exercise your EU Treaty Rights
A guide for British nationals married to Non-EU nationals who intend to enter the UK legally using EU laws
A Step-by-Step Guide
Detailed instructions and advice
Hyperlinks to important documents   
Application forms explained
The Cyprus Route is a 50 page six step guide for British citizens who would like to exercise their European Union treaty rights under EU law. It explains how a British citizen can take advantage of these laws and go to live for a period of time in another EU country with their Non-EU spouse and then enter the UK legally avoiding the restrictive rules imposed by the British government against its own people.
In addition to the six detailed steps the guide contains helpful information about Cyprus including:
·         Temporary Accommodation
·         Property Rental
·         Cities in Cyprus
·         Employment Opportunities
·         Taxes
·         Living Expenses
·         Travel & Transport
·         Telephones
·         Television
·         Internet
·         Eating Out
·         Languages
·         News in English
·         Healthcare & Medical Services
·         Children & Schools
·         Supermarkets
·         Banks
·         Insurance
·         Religion
·         British Sovereign Base Area
·         ‘The Cyprus Problem

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